The Society of Descendants of Militia Officers

serving from 1607 to 1861

The Militia Researcher

The Militia Researcher is the Society's training program for members and others interested in developing the knowledge and skills to study the organization, units, personnel, and role of the Militia from 1607 to 1861.  It combines appropriate articles on sources from The Assembly, the Society's newsletter, with longer pieces covering core knowledge of the Militia and of research techniques.  This is a growing knowledge hub, updated regularly with new material, and a key component of our educational mission.

RESEARCH PAPERS.  These are academic research papers prepared by members of the Society to contribute to a better understanding of the Militia and its service.

CORE KNOWLEDGE.  The following articles provide an overview of common elements of the organization, training, personnel practices, and employment of the Militia.

SOURCES.  The following surveys of sources highlight important online and print references to the history and composition of the militia:

QUICK REFERENCE.  Originally appearing in The Assembly, these articles provide a range of introductory information for terms that may be encountered in Militia research: