The Society of Descendants of Militia Officers

serving from 1607 to 1861

Major General Abraham Wood, Virginia Militia

Born: approximately 1610 in England based on his age of 10 when he emigrated to Virginia in 1620.  His parents are not known.

Married: The name of his wife and the date of their marriage is not established.

Children: one daughter, Margaret, is known.  She married Captain Peter Jones, and after his death Thomas Cocke.

Died: at some time between 1681 and 1686.  The latest date is established by references to his wife’s second marriage in 1687.

Residence:  Henrico County, Virginia.  He owned property in both Henrico and Charles City Counties.

Militia Rank:

  • 1646 Captain.
  • 1652 Major.
  • 1657-06-24 Colonel.
  • 1661-07-04 Colonel.
  • 1671 Major General
  • 1676-05-19 Nathaniel Bacon refers to him as a Major General.

Militia Unit:

  • 1646 to 1676 Fort Henry, commanding.
  • 1657-06-24 Militia of Merchants Hope, commanding.
  • 1661-07-04 Henrico and Charles City Regiment, commanding.       

Active Militia Service:  

  • 1676-05-18 Commander of Fort Henry at the falls of the Appomattox at the start of Bacon's Rebellion.  
  • 1676-1677 During Bacon’s Rebellion he was ill in 1676, and outside of unsuccessfully defying Nathaniel Bacon’s demands to surrender a Native American prisoner at the start of the Rebellion, he appears to have taken no active part in this civil war.

In Civilian Life:  Arrived in Virginia in 1620, possibly aboard the Margaret and John.  He was indentured as a servant to Captain Samuel Mathews, resident near Jamestown.  Successful trader with the Native American tribes of the Virginia frontier.  He engaged in exploration of the Virginia frontier, personally as a member of an expedition in 1650 and subsequently as an organizer of two other expeditions.  Elected to the House of Burgesses in 1644 from Henrico County, and in 1654 and 1656 from Charles City County.  In 1655 he served as a Justice of Charles City County.  In 1658 he was appointed as a member of the Council, a duty in which he served for 22 years.  In 1678 and 1679 he negotiated on behalf of the colony with a Native American confederacy.


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