The Society of Descendants of Militia Officers

serving from 1607 to 1861

Militia Units

This section of our website provides a register of Militia units that we can identify during the period to 1861.  This is a living database and new organizations will be added on a regular basis as identified by membership applications or by our on-going research.  As with any effort of this type there is the potential for error in either the record or our transcription of it - we would appreciate any corrections or additions.

Note that unit designations are missing in many accounts.  Absent any specific identified practice established in the historical record, we have adopted the standard organizational table established by the Militia Act of 1792 as a way of categorizing units: Division, Brigade, Regiment, Company.  Note that the term Battalion may refer to a Regiment or to a unit part way between a Regiment and Company in size, with multiple companies assigned to it.  This system was certainly used as early as the Revolutionary War, with Brigades as a multiple county organization, Regiments or Battalions as the county organization, and Companies for areas within the county.  These designations were thus primarily geographical, and units varied widely in strength when the militia was called to duty.  One county's regiment could field fewer men than the single company contributed by a neighboring county.

1.  Historical Register of Units of the Militia, Trained Bands, Associators, and Minutemen from 1607 to 1861

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