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Site Updates

Our Governance section now has the Minutes of the November 2015 Muster, and the Captain's and Finance Reports from the June 2016 Muster.  We have added our first formal research paper on the manning of militia companies of foot in the War of the Regulation to the Militia Researcher action.

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Updated Regsiter and Units

An updated Register of Officers (with 149 pages of individual service notes) and list of Militia Units (with 100 pages of unit data) is posted in the website.

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Associate Membership

The Society by majority vote has adopted a new category of membership, Associate Membership, and our Membership page has been updated.  Eligibility extends to those with a substantial interest in the Militia and who either descend from a Private soldier or from a noncollateral ancestor who served in…

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We have added a new section of profiles of Militia officers, written by our members as part of our educational mission.  The objective is to present a picture of these individuals that is not limited to a line in a muster roll, but rather provides as much information as we have to place the individu…

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Check for BOLOs

When you visit our site, check the Be On The Lookout page.  Members can list current research needs for information about their ancestors, and they will greatly appreciate any help you can provide.

New Section in The Militia Researcher

We have added a new section of quick reference articles about terms that you may encounter in research on the Militia or its individual members.  These were originally published in the Military Technology section of our newsletter The Assembly.

Addition to Militia Researcher

We have added another in our Core Knowledge series in THE MILITIA RESEARCHER.  This article addresses What Is and What Is Not a Militia Unit.  Given the wide variety of organizational titles up to and including the Civil War, and the very blurred lines of organization and function, this is a comple…

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Militia Researcher Moving

We are moving content from our separate blog onto this site, combining it with material published in our newsletter, The Assembly, and eventually adding other original content to create an educational hub for individuals interested in developing their research skills in exploring the history of the …

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Updates to Lists

Updated lists of Commissioned Officers, Units, and Sources have been posted.  This brings our collection of curated lists to 135 pages of Commissioned Officers, 26 pages of Non-Commissioned Officers, 83 pages of Militia Units, and 9 pages of Works Cited.  Major additions include the regimental comma…

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Position Statement

In response to publicity given to an armed group, calling itself a militia, that has seized a building in a wildlife preserve the Society has posted a position statement on the use of the title Militia by unregulated self-proclaimed armed groups.

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Lord Dunmore's War

The effort to catalog Units, Officers, and Non-Commissioned Officers of the Virginia Militia in Lord Dunmore's War in 1774 have reached completion of the first stage.  We still have considerable additional work to do, but a reasonable collection of data is now available.  Today's updates posted 120 …

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Updates to Lists

We have added 8 commissioned officers and 13 non-commissioned officers to our curated lists, bringing the totals to 921 commissioned officers and 165 non-commissioned officers.

A Busy Month

We have had a busy month with our first semi-annual Muster, the election of Officers for the Class of 2016, and continued additions to the lists we maintain.  As of this morning's audit of the Officer register, we have the names, dates, and units for 903 officers in our collection.  Today is a good …

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Associator updates

We have added 19 Companies and 13 Officers of Bucks County, Pennsylvania, Associators in 1775 to the lists, bringing us to 782 commissioned officers and 246 units.

Virginia Militia field officers 1699

We have finished adding 50 more Colonels, Lieutenant Colonels, and Majors from the Virginia Militia in 1699 to our lists, bringing the total to 769 commissioned officers, 116 non-commissioned officers, and 227 units.


We have added 8 officers and 23 county regiments of Virginia Militia in 1699 to the registers of officers and units.

New Lists posted

The weekly update of our lists is complete and new .pdf files are posted.  We have added 23 officers and 3 units from the Vermont Militia in the War of 1812.  Current list statistics are: Register of Commissioned Officers, 97 pages listing 711 individuals; Register of Non-Commissioned Officers, 17 p…

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Updated listings

Added today: 16 commissioned officers, 6 non-commissioned officers, and 4 companies of South Carolina Loyalist Militia, bringing our totals to 688, 116, and 201 respectively. 

New listings

New additions to our collection of lists: 15 commissioned officers, 41 non-commissioned officers, and 6 units from Georgia in the Seminole War and New Amsterdam in the First Esopus War.  New totals 672 commissioned officers, 110 non-commissioned officers, and 197 units.

New listings

We have added 3 Companies with 9 Officers and 22 Non-Commissioned Officers from Lowndes County, Georgia in the Second Seminole War, bringing our totals to 191 Units, 657 Commissioned Officers, and 69 Non-Commissioned Officers. 

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