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Ranks and Titles

We have moved our page of information on Militia Officer ranks and titles to the main directory bar, and updated the list to include the results of current on-going research.

War of the Regulation Update

We have located strength numbers for the Royalist units in the War of the Regulation and added them to the Unit data - the one exception is the numbers for the Pitt County Regiment in Governor Tryon's Army.

We have been busy ...

The first issue of our newsletter, The Assembly, is out.  The Assembly was a drum or bugle call to have officers and men repair to their appointed places for roll call, inspection, orders, and preparing to march out or for battle.‚Äč

We have added a substantial number of Officers from General T…

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We have completed a revision to our membership application to include a more extensive explanation for the form's sections.

We have added new units for North Carolina in the War of 1812 and New Jersey in the Revolutionary War.  And 16 new officers have been added to the Register.

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We have added 21 new names of individuals commissioned by Governor Martin of North Carolina to raise or levy Loyalist Militia, to organize companies, and appoint officers on 10 January 1776.  This brings the Register to 176 Officers.

Additions and Updates

We have added 2 new Florida Militia units from 1752 in the years leading to the Third Seminole War, and added or updated 8 North Carolina Militia units from the War of the Regulation.  And 10 new Third Seminole War period Officers have been added to the Register bringing the total to 155 individuals…

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More Names and Ranks

We have added 68 Officers from the Battle of Oriskany to the Register - this brings our total to 145 individuals.  In the next week we will start subdividing the Register with pages for each letter of the alphabet to make it easier to use. 

Today's Updates

Today we added 13 Massachusetts Bay Colony, Saybrook Colony, and Connecticut Militia officers from the Pequot War to the Register, and created placeholders for 9 additional colonial wars.

And more updates ...

We have added 10 new Revolutionary War Loyalist units and 12 new listings for Loyalist Militia officers from the Moores Creek Bridge campaign.  This brings us to 53 units and 64 officers.

Updates to the Site

We have added 5 new North Carolina Loyalist Militia units, and 7 Loyalist Militia Officers, bringing our total of officers listed to 52.  We are starting to update units throughout to include the names of known officers.

Updates to the site

Added today: 9 units of the Florida Militia in the Second and Third Seminole Wars, 11 officers from Florida in the Seminole Wars and North Carolina in the War of the Regulation, bringing our total number of Officers in our online registry to 45.

Updates to the site

We have added placeholders for the three Seminole Wars (1817-1818, 1835-1842, and 1855-1858) to the Wars and Battles page, 8 units of Florida Militia to the Militia Units page, and 8 officers to the Register, bringing it to 34 officers.  Our goal for the Register this year is to reach 300 total entr…

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Updates to the site

We have added two new units, one from the American Revolution and one from the Seminole Wars, and 8 new Officers to the Register.

If you wrote and we didn't answer ...

... we have had a problem with our e-mail forwarded.  We have disabled the forwarder and believe that has fixed the problem.  Please send a contact request again. 

Updates to Unit list

We have added 13 North Carolina Militia regiments for the War of the Regulation.

Rank Table

The Historical Register of Officers page now has a link to a new page providing a rank table applicable to Militia Officers.  The ranks in this table are current at least through the War of 1812.


We have added details on 11 new Officers in the Register, 2 new engagements in the Wars and Battles tables, and 2 new units in the Militia Units table, all from the Tuscarora War. 

Additions ...

We have added another source to our list of references, and two more officers to the Register.  Our membership page is largely compete, and we are working on a new page that explains the importance of the Militia.

We Have Added

Pages for Wars and Battles in which the Militia had a significant role, for references and sources, and for a historical register of Militia officers.  Typical entries have been added for a battle during the Tuscarora War (Wars and Battles) and for an officer (the Register). 

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Welcome to the start ...

... of our website.  Our membership page has the key requirements for membership posted, and we will be adding information on the application process.  And we have a placeholder page up for our database of wars and battles in which the Militia fought.

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