The Society of Descendants of Militia Officers

serving from 1607 to 1861


We have modified the wording of the Officer Register to reflect Commissioned Officers and individuals hold appointments with pay as officers.  With 21 new officer listings this includes all identifiable officers or individuals paid as officers who served during the War of the Regulation in North Carolina as reflected in order books of Governor Tryon's Army, General Waddell's expeditions, and the Carteret County Regiment and the journal of the Provincial Army in the Colonial and State Records of North Carolina.  This is significant coverage of the governmental forces in this rebellion.  We now have 275 individuals in this list.

We have also started work on a register of Non-Commissioned Officers, the Sergeants and Corporals of the Militia.  This expands our coverage work to all individuals with significant tactical, troop leading, and support roles.

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