The Society of Descendants of Militia Officers

serving from 1607 to 1861

Emblem and Updates

The near final draft of the Society's emblem is now up on this page.  Red and blue were common militia uniform colors for those who had uniforms and in the elite uniformed companies.  Virginia Militia Colonel George Washington is pictured in a period portrait wear regimentals of a blue coat with red waistcoat and breeches.  The cockade was a common distinction of officers - colored cockades were ordered to be worn in the first days of the Revolutionary war to distinguish the various grades of officers prior to the development of standardized epaulette insignia.  The yellow cockade is based on the yellow cockades worn by Governor Tryon's officers of the North Carolina Militia at the Battle of Alamance in 1771.

We now have unit listings for 3 militia units from the district of Columbia, 9 from North Carolina, and 9 from Tennessee in the War of 1812 and have added 6 Tennessee Militia officers to bring the total to 371 listings in the register.


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