The Society of Descendants of Militia Officers

serving from 1607 to 1861

Be On The Lookout For:

As a service to our members, we maintain a list of individuals who are believed to have served in the Militia and for whom they are searching for additional information.  If you encounter one of these individuals in your research, please forward any information to the Society, along with a complete citation of the source to allow our member to access the information.  Your assistance is greatly appreciated. 

GREEN, Allen Jones, Major

... born 1783 near Halifax, North Carolina, died 1832 near Chester, South Carolina.  Originally a passed Midshipman, United States Navy, he resigned from the Navy to marry.  This ended his known Federal service.  At some point and in some way he acquired the rank/title of Major.  He does not appear in readily available published North Carolina or South Carolina militia rosters, although service in the militia in one of the two states is the most obvious reason for his being a Major.  Confirmation of where, when, and in what units he served is needed.

LEMMON, John, Lieutenant

… from Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania  in the Revolutionary War.  One authoritative roster shows him serving as Ensign and then 2nd Lieutenant, 1st Company (Captain John Hopkins's Company), 1st Battalion.  However, another source indicates possible service in the 3rd Company (Captain John Hinkson's Company), 1st Battalion, and in 1778 in the 3rd Company (Captain Hugh Mitchell's Company), 3rd Battalion.  Is this two different John Lemmons or is the second source in error?  Does anyone know the recruiting areas for these  two companies?


… father and son of the same name - from Lancaster County, Pennsylvania (served in the 4th or 8th Battalion of Lancaster County Militia) in the Revolutionary War.

WORD, Charles, Jr.

… from Virginia, in the French and Indian War (family history includes an unconfirmed reference to the 1st Virginia Regiment and Braddock's campaign, known to have served in the Augusta County Militia in 1758) and the Revolutionary War (fought at Kings Mountain).